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For years, we have seen homeowners in Atlanta and the general metro area struggle with trees around their property. Unfortunately, many individuals are not aware of the services they need and when they need them. However, tree services can be performed at nearly any time for maintenance, emergencies, or more. It’s vital for you to recognize who to call when you experience a problem with your tree to get the expert services you need. 

Our team at Atlanta Tree Service Company is committed to your needs. Whether you want regular ongoing maintenance or you find yourself in an emergency situation, we offer numerous services that can help you get everything under control. Our tree service experts in Atlanta go above and beyond to ensure you get the outcome you need so you are not only completely satisfied with the look of your trees, but also so you feel peace of mind knowing that  there are no potential dangers on your property. Below, you’ll learn more about our team, our services, and how we can help you!

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About Our Expert Team

When it comes to tree service, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name in the area. We’ve taken the time and effort to ensure that our team is fully trained on the most effective tree service techniques, as well as implemented various safety policies that keep us, you, and your property as safe as possible. Tree services are often best left in the hands of experts who can help ensure the job is done safely and correctly. Our team is here to ensure your residential or commercial property is completely free of any problems you may encounter. 

Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • We offer a comprehensive list of services by trained experts who know how to ensure the job is done right. We never bypass the most important aspects of tree services because we want you to be completely happy with the job we perform.
  • We’re experts in our field and we know the local area. Certain trees require specific care, and we know all about it. We make sure we’re informing you of all that needs to be done to best care for your trees and your property.
  • We focus on quality, quality, quality. From your encounters with our team to the services we provide, everything we do is done with the highest quality standards in mind to ensure you walk away from this with peace of mind and confidence. 

We’re ready to provide the many tree services you need.

About Our Services

We are proud to offer Atlanta residential and commercial properties with a wide range of tree services. Here is a list of how we can help you!

Atlanta Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming is often necessary for many situations. Whether you have a tree that is starting to die and become a safety hazard or the branches are overgrown, trimming helps you get a hold of the situation and have a solution that helps you move forward without worry. Tree trimming can be a regular maintenance item, as well, to ensure your property remains as beautiful and safe as possible. 

In a situation where your tree is dead, natural disasters have caused damage to your tree, there are cracks in the trunk, or the tree is large enough to break and is growing close to your home, you may want to consider removal. Having an expert to help with tree removal is essential as it allows you peace of mind knowing that we can get the whole tree removed in a safe and effective way. 

Atlanta Tree Removal Service
Atlanta Stump Grinding Service

A stump on your property is more than just an eyesore. It’s something that can be dangerous for you, your family, or your guests. In any case, you want to work with an expert who can provide stump grinding, which takes the stump down until there is nothing above the soil line. This is a perfect option because it helps avoid parasites and fungi and prevent harm on your property. Our team has the specialized equipment to get this job done right.

Atlanta Emergency Tree Service

There may be situations you encounter in which you have an emergency you need to get taken care of quickly. For instance, if a storm causes damage to your tree and a branch is threatening the integrity of your home. You want to get emergency services that allow you to have the safe removal of the tree in a timely manner. Our emergency services allow us to get to you quickly and perform the job to give you peace of mind. No matter the situation, we remain available at all times should you encounter an urgent issue with your tree. 

Contact Us for Expert Tree Services in Atlanta

No matter your tree service needs, you can choose a trusted name in the Atlanta Metro area. We provide numerous services to ensure you can get the outcome you need. We’re ready to help you through the entire process, and along the way, we’ll explain your options so you can pick the services that are right for you. 

Tree services require you to hire experts who know how to get the job done right. Without the specialized equipment and knowledge needed, there are plenty of risks to doing the job on your own. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations because we truly care about helping you.

If you are looking for the highest-quality tree services in Atlanta, rely on our team to be there for you. Call us today at (678) 831-4979 and speak with our team of experts about your needs.